Niklaus Gerber

Product Manager Apps @NZZ, problem solver & digital architect seeking to make the complex clear & beautiful.

Hello, I’m Niklaus Gerber. I’m the productmanager for Apps with a focus on programmed visualisation and interaction design currently employed by NZZ Media Group. I have an evolving list of hobbies which includes, but is not limited to the following: the conjuring arts, coding, tinkering with any sort of gizmo or gadget and occupying my mind with the future evolution of digital media.




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Selected companies I had the pleasure working with

20 MinutenBâleHotelsBank CoopBasler KantonalbankBZ BaselContextaCoopCoverwatchesEricssonGasthof NeubadHaarbar BernIT-LogixKoppelmann Optikkreisvier communicationsMigrosMOBILEtechnicsNTHNeue Zürcher ZeitungSchweizerische PostRicolaRingierSwisscomSwisslosTele2UBSUniversitätsspital BaselUPC CablecomvanBaerle

Side Projects

👊 pure
👊 Rapid Bootstrap V4
👊 PreLoadMe
👊 Responsive Google or Bing maps
👊 Tumblr & IFTTT
👊 NavLax


Maybe you would just like to say ‘hello’. To get in touch with me you can send me an email or give me a call.

📬 [email protected]
☎️ +41-76-326-51-01

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