About me

I am a passionate and transformational leader with over 15 years of industry experience in digital, innovation and human-centred design. Deep expertise in facilitation, mentorship, group dynamics, enabling high-performing teams and achieving long-term positive relationships with all critical stakeholders in highly complex, uncertain and volatile environments.

I help organisations with human leadership, change management, digital innovation and delivering best-in-class digital products and services. I lead teams, shape products, refine strategies and make things simpler, smarter and more helpful.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Portrait Niklaus Gerber


I'm always interested in getting to know new people and exploring collaborative opportunities that create something truly meaningful. Let's build something great together!


Here's where I experiment and build things I think might be valuable. Dive into my side projects, code experiments, and creative explorations. These are learning experiences for me, but hopefully, they'll inspire you, be useful, or spark a conversation.