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Ten years in the making: The evolution of from 2001 until 2011

The time of Essential Dreams Active Media – my first company. This portfolio was one of the most complex things I created in 2001. It was built on Dreamweaver and used extensive use of layers which was very complex back then. I was very proud when it was featured in a national newspaper which was a great honor for me. As it seems modern browsers can't handle this kind of coding anymore. If you can dig up an old Internet Explorer or Netscape you might have better luck.

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An easy way to generate batch upload files for In-App-Purchase items for iTunes-Connect and Google Play Developer Console

With the Application Loader on OS X and a CSV upload in the Google Play Developer console you have the possibility to upload multiple In-App-Pruchasing-Products in one go. To streamline the process I made a small tool that helps you generate these files. If you need more customizing it is also be a good starting point to teach you all the ins and outs.

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