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Hi, I am Niklaus Gerber

I assist companies with transformational leadership, change management, digital innovation and user-centred design. I guide teams, shape products, refine strategies and make things simpler, smarter and more helpful.

I work with amazing people at Vorwerk, where I serve as their head of user experience. Previously, I lead the digital product development for Neue Züricher Zeitung. I am a Hyper Island alumni and the author and creator of TeamKit.

[email protected]

Zürich, Switzerland


Better Human

Better Human will help you become an improved version of yourself — in work, at home and in life. Exploring how you can bring your whole self to everything you do. You will gain access to real-life proven frameworks, strategies methods and tools that support you to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life.

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This document is a user guide on me and how I work. It captures my guiding values and how I work as a human. It will hopefully help you understand me better and help us work together in a more meaningful way.

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I have the firm belief that if we have found a way of doing something that works, we share it whenever we can instead of reinventing the wheel every time. This curated catalogue includes frameworks, guides, tools, processes and methods that helped me become a better leader.

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Opensource work

Enhancing team effectiveness by focussing on how teams come together & define the journey ahead.

Design Manifesto
A simple but essential core set of rules to guide us towards better solutions.

Workshop Timer
Keep meetings, activities and presentations on track. Use the timer for workshops, design sprints, meetings or anything else you want to timebox.


My thoughts on leadership, management, productivity, design and innovation.

Daily Pages
An easy way to build new healthy habits and to train self-reflection.

Deep dive: How I manage my tasks with P.A.R.A. and Notion
A new system that serves me well.

How I found a more mindful way to manage my todos
My tool-agnostic way to task management.

Are you feeling like an imposter at work?
Here is what helped me.

A first step to become more confident and to embrace your learning journey
Reframing how you think.

Remote team retrospective canvas
How to run an effective remote team retrospective.

Team Check-Ins and Check-Outs
How Check-Ins and Check-Outs will help you to build stronger teams.

Business transformation
Thoughts on building innovation capabilities.

What is innovation?
A beginner’s guide into different models, terminologies and methodologies.

A critical review of design thinking
Design thinking is a proven, repeatable and reliable problem-solving process.